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Coffee Made Better With Apps

Apps are changing industries and coffee too.

Apps have changed the world. If businesses don’t have apps in today’s technological world, they are behind the times. A few clicks on the old smart phone and you should be gathering everything you need from that particular business. The online coffee experience is now a part of the app world, and there are several apps that allow drinkers to open up to concepts they never knew existed.

1. Beanhunter

This app allows users to view user ratings of their coffee experiences from thousands of cafes around the world. When Starbucks isn’t cutting it for you, this app can bring you to quaint little shops with great service and a calm, cool environment. It also allows customers to run away from those shops that are rated low or offer subpar services. All the user has to do is turn on the location service on their phone and shops near them will be shown. This is mostly for those in bigger cities around the world, but the listing allows you to read up on everything.

2. UP Coffee

This app comes from a health based maker typically used for those that are monitoring their bodies. This app actually lets users see the effects of coffee on their bodies. It’s not going to pop up diagrams of your insides, but rather gather information about your coffee habits. From there it can assess how much coffee who’ve had and how it impacts sleep habits and your mood. It can also be a wake up call for those drinkers that don’t know when to quit. It can recommend amounts for you and give you information about how to better balance your intake.

3. Coffitivity

This is for the people that love the coffee environment. Some people love the smell and other people just love the sights and sounds of the coffee shop. It allows the user to create the ambient noise of the shop from anywhere. Some studies have shown these types of sounds positively alter brain function.

4.Coffee Run

This is the app is for the office. Sometimes the coffee machine is broken or there is simply no time to sit down. This is the trusty companion of the “coffee fetcher.” This app makes it easier to keep all the information for your coworkers’ orders in one spot. That way nobody is forgotten in the fast paced coffee run. It even has a place gather information for side items like donuts and other pastries.

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