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New Ways To Drink And Buy Coffee

This generation is putting a new twist on coffee.

Depending on what side of the fence you are on, you might think this generation of people are innovative and exciting or you might think they are a little flakey and disrespectful. Generations have clashed throughout the years on various platforms, and now there is a new subject to keep in mind, coffee. It’s no longer just straight black with a little cream or sugar.┬áMillennials are changing the way we drink coffee.

1. Cold Brew

Cold brews aren’t simply reducing the temperature by sticking it in the refrigerator or throwing some ice cubes in there. It’s a little more scientific than that. Most of the time it’s brewed with cold water up to 24 hours. Many people use this that have trouble with acid build up. It cuts down those issues while offer a balanced taste. This type of method continues to grow in popularity as an alternative to the common hot cup. This allows another segment of people to enjoy that familiar coffee taste in a slightly different form.

2. Organic Coffee

Millennials are much more concerned where things come from and how they are made. Keeping additives out while purifying the water and the the ingredients allows the drinker to make sure that everything meets their standards. The purity of the coffee allows them to taste the coffee in its most bare form. Don’t think of these people as the people that are ruining coffee. A little bit of change never hurt anything although some may continue to resist change to tradition. Many drinkers are trending toward this type of system and don’t seem to be turning back.

3. Nitro Coffee

Keeping on the subject of health, nitro coffee offers up its own version of a healthy beverage. This is likely the most refined version of coffee. Adding in nitrogen takes away the bitter coffee taste, but creates a smooth and foamy brew. This allows the drinker to ditch all the added sugars and heavy creams that can dramatically change the coffee. It’s seems to mix in the idea of micro brewing beer and coffee into the same realm. While some may deem it a little snobby, I’d say don’t knock it until you try it.

There are so many ways to spin and alter things in today’s world. Who knows, this generation might be taking steps into altering coffee even more, which just might be a wonderful thing.

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