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3 Reasons Water Can Make Better Coffee

Water may change your homemade coffee forever.

The convenience of waking up and brewing your own coffee is like no other. The smell filling the house. No worries about people messing up your order. No standing in long lines watching the time tick away. It’s a wonderful concept, but it can always be improved right? There are a few ways changing your water can take a great experience and make it just a little more wonderful.

1. Redefine Water

Tap water might be suitable for the same old boring store bought coffee, but it’s not right for those craft coffees man are now enjoying. Drinkers should consider filtering their water.different areas have different water qualities. It might be the most important thing that goes into making a great cup. The ingredients in the coffee aren’t going to change, but the fluoride in the water might alter the taste of your morning brew.

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2. No Reboiling

We are all guilty of topping off the pot with some extra water. Boiling water can sterilize and take some of the taste away from the coffee. It’s best to pour it all out and start over again. Yes, filtering the water cuts out a lot of the extra minerals in water, but it won’t take away everything. If the water continues to be reboiled it can lose a lot of its authenticity and may end up tasting bland or stale.

3.Water Temperature

We all want out coffee piping hot. However, that could be damaging to the more well defined coffees. After being freshly boiled, temperatures can reach up to 210 degrees. This number is a bit too high. A more resonance level is to stay around 205 degrees. It may not seem like a lot, but it can be the one thing that holds everything in to complete the taste. It’s important to pour close to the cup so that the temperature doesn’t drop too much. It may seem like a lot for coffee, but the difference between regulated and unregulated cups are noticeable.

So if you are looking to change up your morning coffee routine, don’t go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new machine. Try switching up the quality of the water first. It may be the missing link and most cost effective way to giving you fresh, pure, reinvented coffee that other people will be wishing they were able to reproduce.

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