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Studies have shown that more people consume coffee than any other beverage in the world, excluding water. It’s crazy to think that water and coffee are even comparable in that sense, but people love their morning Joe. For that reason, many people are looking for healthy coffee options to keep out as many toxins as possible. However, the problem with some office coffee makers is that, while they claim to produce healthy, organic coffee, some unsavory substances may still end up in your brew via other sources.

Here are some tips that can help you make sound and healthy decisions when it comes to your office coffee maker.

How can I avoid toxins in coffee makers?

Kick the Pods to the Curb

Unfortunately, some modern methods of consuming coffee carry their own set of risks, mainly plastic chemicals. According to Wellness Mama’s blog, “the popular coffee pods (or k-cups) have become an increasing burden for the environment. Over 10 billion of them ended up in landfills last year alone! Endocrine-disrupting plastic chemicals from the pods can end up in the finished coffee, and these plastics have been linked to various health problems.”

Clean Out Your Coffee Maker to Avoid Mold

Didn’t think your coffee machine could mold? Think again! “The perpetually dark, wet, and warm environment in the tubes of many coffee machines provides the perfect environment for mold, mildew, and even biofilms to grow,” says Wellness Mama. Especially, an office coffee maker that likely gets more use than the copy machine.

What are some safer office coffee maker options?

French Press

If you’re looking to help the environment and enjoy some non-toxic brews, a French Press may just be what your office has been looking for. Per Wellness Mama, “A French Press allows you to have control over the temperature and intensity of your coffee. The water must be pre-heated using another method, but French Press coffee makers don’t require any electricity or heat.”

Traditional French Press coffee makers are typically glass, which gives you a much better chance of avoiding the plastic chemicals we discussed earlier. They also have a stainless steel interior filter that can further aid in conserving paper filters (found in some electric coffee makers).

Pour-Over Method

This may be a better option for smaller offices where the demand of a coffee maker isn’t as high. As the name suggests, this method of brewing involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds and letting gravity do the work. There isn’t much to do after that, except sit and wait. Although this method does take a bit longer, most agree that the quality of the coffee is worth the wait.

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