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So, you want an office coffee maker, eh? Or maybe you’re thinking about a coffee maker for your office but can’t make up your mind. Being a smaller business, maybe you’re not in need of a large, expensive office coffee maker. Consider looking into a single-cup coffee machine for the following reasons.

Brews fresh coffee

Anyone who really appreciates the flavor of coffee also appreciates the flavor of fresh coffee. And one of the main benefits of a single-serve coffee machine is freshness. According to, “In an office environment or even at home, that pot of coffee may have been sitting there for hours, and it shows in the quality and taste. With a single cup coffee maker, you know that your cup of coffee is going to be fresh 100% of the time.”

Offers convenience

In this day in age, convenience is everything. For many people, the fact that a single-cup coffee maker brews directly into a cup or travel mug makes it a more convenient choice over a standard coffee maker that brews into a pot.

Helps save money

Most larger offices, likely have the budget to spend on a more expensive coffee maker, so there is no worry of cost. However, for smaller offices, budget is important, and the need to make multiple cups of coffee isn’t a necessity. “Brewing only one cup at a time means that you’ll also be using less coffee and wasting less coffee, which will ultimately save you money over brewing full pots.  If you are substituting the single cup coffee maker for buying your coffee at a coffee shop each morning, you’ll realize even more savings,” per

Offers variety

If you are somewhat of a coffee adventurer, using a single-cup office coffee machine enables you to experiment with different types of coffee drinks and flavors with greater ease. For a smaller office, it’s easy to use different single serve pods or cups from cup to cup, or even mix different types of cups to come up with your own invention. With so many specialty coffees and flavors available these days for single-cup coffee makers, you’re not limited to one pot for everyone.

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