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Coffee service trends for 2017

Caffeine on the go isn’t really a new concept. However, with millennials having upstaged Baby Boomers as the largest living generation, trends in the coffee industry have assuredly changed. Below are four of the newest coffee trends for 2017.

  1. Morning coffee on tap

It goes without saying that most of us love our coffee and make it a point to have it first thing in the morning. According to, “With ready-to-drink coffee making it easier for consumers to get their caffeine fix on the go, some retailers are trying to get coffee drinkers back in the store with nitrogen infused coffee. Nitro coffee is poured from a tap and provides a similar mouthfeel as a beer (think Guinness).”

  1. Cold brews year-round

When we crave an ice-cold, chilled coffee, it’s usually above 80 degrees. However, cold coffee has become so popular with the younger generation, they’re opting to drink it year-round. Per, “Iced coffee has long been the go-to for consumers looking for a refreshing pick me up in the summer months or even just an extra kick of caffeine, but this is starting to change.”

  1. Specialty brews

As coffee drinkers prioritize experience over price, consumption of gourmet and specialty coffee beverages is on the rise. “Out of the $48 billion U.S. retail coffee market, about 55% of spend will go toward specialty coffee next year, the Specialty Coffee Assoc. of America found,” says Even for popular and well-known brands that haven’t typically worked with specialty brews, tapping into the luxury coffee line could pay off this year.

  1. Measure of value

Millennials have come to value different aspects of their coffee than the older generations. Since much of the older generation drank coffee in the comfort of their own homes, there was a much larger focus on price. On the other hand, the younger generation is more focused on the experience of drinking coffee and enjoying coffee shops rather than the price of the coffee itself.

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