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Some coffee lovers spend more time choosing the cup they’ll drink their favorite brew from than the coffee itself. This is because there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. Some base their coffee container selection on personality, while others weigh the pros and cons of the material. Regardless of what coffee cup you choose, each has a significant reason as to why they’re the best.

Material and design

When it comes to choosing a coffee cup, the material used matters. Some mugs and cups are specifically designed to maintain the temperature of your coffee, whether iced or hot. Design of the cup is another factor many find in coffee mug deliberation. Consider things like size and shape. The material will impact these as well: ceramic cups are the most versatile in the design department, while glass and steel mugs tend to look alike.


Do you like images on your mug? Do you prefer to find a hilarious/thought-provoking quote at the bottom of your cup? Do you prefer different textures around the perimeter? Whatever your personality, you may want your coffee mug to match. Think about who you are as a person and what you want your coffee container to say about you.


Are you a klutz who can’t seem to hang onto your mug no matter how hard you try? If this is you, a ceramic mug is definitely not the material for you, as it tends to shatter more easily than say stainless steel. Sometimes, thinking about the level of care you want to put into your coffee mug can help you decide if something long-lasting or disposable is more suited for your needs.


Many of us have busy lives and need the items we carry with us to accommodate our on-the-go lifestyles. When thinking about a coffee mug that is functional, consider your everyday schedule. If you’re always running around and need a boost of warm/cold caffeine on the spot, a mug or thermos that regulates temperature is more your style. If you seem to find time to rest and relax, a glass coffee mug might be just the ticket for you.

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