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4 Best Office Coffee Machines For Different Preferences

If we know anything about people tastes, it’s that everybody is different. Nowhere do we see this more than when people are selecting coffee. All the bells and whistles of new  machines excite some people while others just want their coffee made to their liking. There is no right or wrong option, however, it can be difficult to gauge which is best especially in an office situation. There are several types of coffee makers you may want to consider to  make everyone happy.

1. For Your Average Coffee Drinker

Mr. Coffee 4-cup Programmable Machine is the best suitor for this type of drinker. This is the best selling coffee maker for college students burning the midnight oil and adults just trying to wake up for a day of work. It is also suitable for small offices that like to keep good morale by the coffee pot. It offers a great alternative to going to Starbucks every single day.  Customers can purchase this machine for $18 bucks, the same price of maybe two or three trips out to the coffee shop.

2.  The Busy Work Place

The Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable Machine, has a heavy duty water deposit that doesn’t need to be refilled until after the tenth cup. It has options to heat and reheat cups and also is compatible with all different sizes for Keurig. It’s a little more expensive at $160, but I’m sure getting everybody at the office to pitch in won’t be a problem when they see what it is capable of.

3. Fast and Furious

We all have those that want their coffee now, and want it at the perfect temperature. The Bonavita 8- Cup Stainless Steel Machine allows for you to keep ideal brewing temperature. In fact, there is a setting for that. No more waiting for it to cool off. The coffee will be ready to consume as soon as it comes out. It also gets fancy with settings that infuse the beans before brewing to add maximum flavor.

4. Brew Strength

The Cuisinart 14-cup Programmable Machine allows for an ample amount of cups, as you can see from the name. It also is great for the varying degrees of coffee strength that drinkers go for. It allows for the drinkers that want to be a little more bold and those that drink mild brews all to come to the same spot and be satisfied. This makes it ideal for an office full of coffee drinkers.

Trying to figure out which office coffee deliver fits best for you? We can help!

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