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3 Essential Features For The Office Coffee Maker

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All coffee makers are not created equal. There are millions of coffee drinkers in the world all with different specifications for their brew. That being said there are a few things that make coffee, well…coffee. When looking for an office coffee maker there are a few features that will ensure quality coffee on a daily basis.

1. Heat Settings

We all know that coffee should be hot. In fact, it should be very hot. Some temperatures reach over two hundred degrees. There is a science to this though. Sometimes coffee can burn. Yes, it’s true! Conversely, if the coffee is too cool, it may come out looking and tasting a little different than a perfectly brewed batch. The solution to these issues is to make sure the coffee maker has multiple variable temperature settings. This will cut down on overheating cups when we walk away and assume everything will be fine. It can also provide options for those people who may not like it as hot, or just want to heat their cup up again.

2. Quick Coffee

The one thing that everybody can agree on is when they want their coffee. The answer is always, NOW! It’s important that any coffee maker that is put in the office can churn out many cups in a quick fashion. The last thing you want is to wait in line at work for your morning cup. Slow machines mean longer lines and people delaying to start their day. That might actually alter the way business is done in the workplace. Yes, coffee for some people is that important. Variety is the key again. Getting a machine that has multiple settings will always be best do that you can appease everyone. The biggest thing to stay away from is something cheap. These are the machines that operate at their own pace and seem to keep everyone waiting.

3. Easy Settings

There’s nothing worse than having to familiarize yourself with a new coffee machine. The first few cups are likely going to be subpar because you don’t know the differences in this machine and your own. It’s important to offer features that offer up multiple cups at one time, or an automatic next day setting. This way you don’t have to rely on anybody to start things in the morning. It’s already ready to go before you are. Another big feature is a self cleaning option. After all, who has time or the will to clean the coffee maker. This can limit trouble and machine issues. The one thing to remember with this features is that sometimes too many features is a bad thing. You shouldn’t have to train a coffee specialist to oversee the machine. A few quality features are more than enough.