Coffee Delivery

Curious as to how we got started?

How to start an office coffee delivery business.

Have you ever wondered how we got our coffee delivery business off the ground?

Starting your own business isn’t easy, and neither is starting a coffee delivery business. There are things you need to have before your journey to coffee business ownership begins; however, the most important thing to have is a backbone.

Here’s how we made our coffee delivery business dreams come true.


Duh! You have to consider start-up costs, which would range from $10,000 to $50,000, according to Many first-time business owners like to start out of their homes (everything is more comfortable at home, right?). Starting a coffee delivery business from home would save on the cost of leasing or renting office space.

Selling coffee products

Decide if you want to sell coffee equipment or coffee products or both. Some coffee services provide only the equipment necessary for brewing coffee; some coffee services provide the coffee and filters to use in the machinery; and some do both. You may want to start by selling coffee products and add coffee equipment to your product line over time.

Method of delivery

Now that you’ve got your costs in order, and the products you’re wanting to sell, determine the method of delivery. You should decide if it’s worth your while to deliver products to local customers in person when possible so you can get to know them better. Or, if selling your products to a local coffee proprietor that already has an established delivery service is better for your situation. Customers tend to feel more comfortable with vendors they meet face-to-face.

Team up with others

Consider teaming up with others who have useful trades. For instance, a certified, bonded plumber could be helpful if you’re looking to offer your customers the option of having water filtration devices installed in their building or home. You may also want to team up with others that offer services such as water coolers for offices.

Be unique

You always, always want to make your business stand out. Do a bit of research and see what your competitors are doing, then see if you can top it. Perhaps you could offer light pastries in bulk, along with the coffee. This could then expand into adding tea products to your offerings for a wider audience.

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